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Editorial Essay

College Athletes Should Not Be Paid "Traditions and keeping them are very important to universities," Emmert the president of NCAA said. “These individuals are not professionals. They are representing their universities as part of a university community.” At a time... Continue Reading →


Fudge Topped Brownie Vlog

Even though brownies are one of the simplest and definitely one of the yummiest treats to make, as an early Mother's Day gift I decided to take part in making my moms favorite dessert with her. Even thought it is... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Whoopie Pies

If you have a sweet tooth and a few extra ingredients lying around the house this is the perfect treat for you! Once again instead of sticking with the simple brownie or chocolate chip cookie, try something new and make... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Heaven: Cookies and Cream Parfait

Tired of the same old brownies, cupcakes, cookies and other simple recipes. Although you can never get over those amazing treats here is something new and super fun to make that will have your stomach melting for more once it's... Continue Reading →

Saving Money: Key to Success

This week instead of sharing a new treat I’ve decided to relate my post back to my first blog. In my first blog, I told you how I created my very own Sweetshop with a friend and we sold tons... Continue Reading →

sNOw Better Treats Than This

In honor of all the snow that has already fallen today, February 9th, and getting a day off from school this was the perfect time for me to share a new delicious treat I have found! Of course, since it... Continue Reading →

Cozy up with a Warm Treat: Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies

With the freezing temperatures outside and even a good amount of snow, my favorite thing is to curl up in tons of warm clothes and a blanket with a nice good book or even to watch T.V. Along with this... Continue Reading →

Christmas is almost here!!

With Christmas right around the corner everyone is decorating houses, wrapping presents, baking cookies and so many more festive, fun thing! Even though I am personally Jewish and do not celebrate Christmas I love making tons of treats in honor... Continue Reading →

Sufganiyot: A Special Hanukkah Treat

As many of you reading this blog probably celebrate Christmas and follow all of the special and very different traditions one of my favorite parts of Hanukkah is making and then eating Sufganiyot. I especially love doing it with my... Continue Reading →

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