For my first blog post instead of writing about any specific treats I wanted to share why and how I came up with this idea for a blog in the first place!

Ever since I was little I was always very interested in two hobbies. Sports and baking. Two years ago in 7th grade one of my very close friends Taylor and I decided we wanted to start our own sweet shop. You are probably thinking to yourself how can two, twelve-year-old girls create their own sweet shop. Well, many of our friends thought it was extremely silly and that no one would buy from us and it would be a complete fail. We took this to heart and brainstormed ways to make this happen. We decided the best way for girls our age to hear about our business was to create an Instagram account to get the word out. We created an account and got as many people (friends and family) to follow our account! We posted our first photo of pretzels with caramel and chocolate melted on top with an M&M. Our treats sold out so quick and we were able to make a great profit from them.

After our first treat, Taylor and I sold many, many, many more treats including brownies, cupcakes, fried Oreos, Rice Krispy treats, and so much more. We were very successful with our sweet shop and made an amazing profit for only being 12 years old.

At the end of 8th grade, Taylor and I decided it would be best to end our sweet shop since we would be going to different schools. We didn’t cancel our account so we would always have it as a great memory between us.

When I heard we were going to be able to create our own blogs calling it Jocelyn’s Sweetshop was the first thing that came to my mind. I can’t wait to share all of my knowledge and recipes with everyone else!