In honor of all the snow that has already fallen today, February 9th, and getting a day off from school this was the perfect time for me to share a new delicious treat I have found! Of course, since it has already snowed about 6 inches and flakes are still continuing to fall I had nothing better to do but search around on my computer and finish all my homework when I found this extremely easy and mouthwatering dessert… Snowy Meringue Drop Brownies. It is such a super, easy, and unique way to add an elegant touch to what was a simple dessert. You don’t need to be experienced or an amazing baker to get the job done.

For this treat, you can use your own homemade brownie recipe or just buy them from the store. Once you have made your brownies or taken them out of the box follow these simple steps to complete…

Collect powdered sugar, a sifter, frosting, and meringue drops. Those are all the ingredients you need, nothing more! If you’re feeling really ambitious you can even make meringue drops on your own but I found that store bought taste just as amazing and are a quicker way to get the job done.

Step 1: Set your brownies on a tray and dust them with powder sugar. (Using a sifter will ensure the powder sugar coats the brownies evenly and looks much nicer.)snowy_brownies_4

Step 2: Put a dot of frosting (your choice but I recommend a standard vanilla) on the bottom of the meringues. It may be easiest to put frosting in a plastic bag and then apply it to the meringues.


Step 3: Place the meringues on the brownies and hold for 5 seconds. Now you’re done!!!


If you are bringing these to a party, event or just want to snack on them at home, place the Snowy Meringue Drop Brownies on a tray or dish that’s been sprinkled with coconut flakes and dusted in powdered sugar. It will add to the wintery feel of these treats. Everyone will be asking you for the recipe at the end and be so impressed with your creativeness of the platter!