This week instead of sharing a new treat I’ve decided to relate my post back to my first blog. In my first blog, I told you how I created my very own Sweetshop with a friend and we sold tons and tons of treats to everyone in our school in 7th and 8th grade. So this week I’m going to talk about ways to save money as when you sell treats or anything in this case where you put your money is a huge deal and what you decide to put it towards.

When I had a sweet shop I had to really think about the best way to make a big profit. When my parents bought the supplies I knew I had to pay them back so I made sure I was calculating size and portions into the treats so that I would still make a lot of money and be able to pay my mom or dad back. Once I sold a batch or two of treats I had lots of cash in my hands and couldn’t be happier. However, I needed to find the best way to mainly save this money and keep me from excessive spending.

Whenever I received my part of the money earned I would split it up into three different places. I found it best to use mason jars because I loved seeing the money grow inside the more I had saved, but envelopes, piggy banks, and many more things work just as great. Then with the three different jars, ⅓ went to the bank which I would give to my mom, ⅓ would go in one jar for savings, and the last ⅓ would go in another jar to keep and save up for my own personal spending. I decided to follow these few different way and found it to be great in still having money to spend and enjoy the little things while still knowing I had put away money that would go to college, etc in the future! Money is hard to get but easy to spend so with these different ways to save I found the money I hard to continuously grow and couldn’t have been happier. To this day I still follow these ways for saving!