Tired of the same old brownies, cupcakes, cookies and other simple recipes. Although you can never get over those amazing treats here is something new and super fun to make that will have your stomach melting for more once it’s gone.

This week I’m introducing cookies and cream parfait. I can’t say I am the biggest fan of pudding and usually never choose it as one of my favorite options for dessert but this treat beats all others. Parfaits are super easy to make and only require a few ingredients, that I personally usually have on hand. The great part though is they look super impressive when the final product is made so are great to serve at any party or event but of course, can be made anytime. I will even share my tricks for getting the layers to look smooth and layered perfectly with no mess at all.

First, grab a nice short tumbler (glass with no sides or handles) from your cabinet. Overall all you will do is layer pudding, cookies & cream cool whip, and cookie crumbles. Repeat these ingredients and you’ve got yourself a delicious masterpiece.

Start by making the pudding according to the box instructions. Just mix and chill!

Next prep the cool whip by adding in one row of crushed Oreo cookies.  You can see my favorite easy trick for making cookie crumbs here.  Feel free to use fat free cool whip to keep it a little lighter.  Then, fold in the cookie crumbs until they are evenly combined.


Take two sandwich sized ziplock bags and fill one with the pudding made and one with your cool whip mixture.  Cut a small section off of the tip of one of the bottom corners and then squeeze the bag to gently fill the bottom layer with pudding and the second layer with cool whip.


For the third layer add cookie crumbs on top of the cool whip with a spoon.

TIP: To make the layers look nice and even on the outside of the glass make sure the edge of each layer is spread out and touching the glass all around the edges.  This will result in the prettiest parfait layers.

Repeat pudding, cool whip, and Oreo crumbs until you fill your glass. I like to sprinkle some more crumbs on top and then stick a whole Oreo cookie in to create the final effect.

You can let it chill or eat it right away. Personally, my favorite is chilled because I love it when the crumbs melt into the pudding.