College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

“Traditions and keeping them are very important to universities,” Emmert the president of NCAA said. “These individuals are not professionals. They are representing their universities as part of a university community.” At a time when colleges all over the country are having to cut back on scholarships, staff, clubs, and much more we cannot justify spending huge amounts of money on college sports for unprofessional athletes who are only college students.

Student-athletes in college should not be paid. Coaches have now started to raise more awareness about their concern for this topic and most players have always been open to the idea of being paid. Even with all the persuasive talk, paying students should not go into action.

Scholarships and other benefits are a huge reason why athletes do not need to be paid. Many scholarships, day to day needs, and academic support are provided at all times to these student athletes. They are given a free education and degree for playing a sport for their school. If a student is not given a big scholarship they often get expert-level coaching and perks such as housing, meals, clothing, medical care, and much more. These benefits go to those who are getting full rides, too. Overall they are taught how to be successful in college and in life.

Colleges are constantly bringing in money but they need to find the best way to help benefit the school in the ways they use it. If they pay athletes it takes away from so many other people and things. Coaches help the players both on and off the field, court, etc and play a huge role in helping the student-athletes become the person they need to be to become successful in the future. Their salary would be lowered if students were paid. The prices for student tickets for games would highly increase. If not as many students could afford higher priced tickets, team spirit would be lost and the games would not nearly have the same hype and energy as before. Lastly, smaller and “less” important clubs will be gotten rid of, taking away the college experience for so many other students who happen to not be athletes.

Lastly, in student-athlete, “student” comes first. Education is the most important thing for a student and the focus for these student-athletes if money becomes involved will shift to them putting all their energy into negotiating as much money as they can to raise for themselves. The focus will only be on sports and not their education, which will take them much farther than life than playing a sport. They should play for the love and passion they have for the game. It becomes less fun for fans to watch when contracts and negotiating take over the game itself.  

Student athletes being paid would push them to become better, but if they are so worried about making it pro then not paying them would push them even harder. While many athletes also bring a great amount of money into their school, they chose to play to represent their home for 4 years and play the sport they love more than anything, not for the money.

Endorsement money or giving rewards is a better way to motivate college athletes as they do bring in a huge amount of money to their school or more scholarships, rather than paying them.

The debate of whether or not college athletes should be paid continues to rage on, but they should not so the game millions of people love to watch, stays the same. The sweat, tears, and blood a player puts into playing is what truly counts. If they show their true potential they will be able to play professionally where they could then be paid.